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Made in the USA
DRIFT by Matt Clark art print
Drift Framed by Matt Clark
DRIFT by Matt Clark print on sails
DRIFT by Matt Clark print surfer magazine

DRIFT by Matt Clark

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Title: DRIFT

Materials: Printed on recycled technical racing sails

Editions: 10 signed and numbered by the artist

Uniquely printed on recycled technical racing sails and all proceeds benefit Oceanic Global.

Clark is a renowned surf and fine art photographer whose work most recently appeared on the 2017 cover of SURFER Magazine’s Annual Photo Issue.

Without Frame 21 x 24 inches
With Frame 26 x 28.5 inches

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping. This item cannot be combined with any current promotion, offer or discount.  

Matt Clark

Matthew Clark (b. 1983) is an American photographer born and raised in New York specializing in water photography. Clark's photography explores his relationship with the ocean through intimate portraits of breaking surf with the intention of capturing something private, personal, and unique about each wave. Constantly at play in his photographs are the delicate, yet powerful, elements of moving water and reflections of light off surfaces of churning surf. The ability to capture these moments comes from his expertise in water from a lifetime of surfing. For more information, please visit


Oceanic Global

Oceanic Global is a non-profit that taps into universal passions of art, music and emerge tech to educate individuals on issues impacting our oceans and provide them with solutions for driving positive change. We create immersive experiences that: engage local communities, generate measurable impact, amplify the efforts of synergistic groups, and ignite global action. For more information, please visit

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