Brand Story

After witnessing firsthand the impact that pollution has on the oceans, former merchant marine Jeff Hladky and his brother Greg began to seek clothing manufacturers who integrate sustainable practices into their businesses. What they found, however, was that brands with aesthetic appeal didn’t align with the brothers’ environmental values. And brands that were actively engaged in conservation, tended to fall short in design, quality and sophistication.

The Hladky’s saw an opportunity to create a modern and technical men’s swimwear line by creating products that excel in design, while raising awareness about sustainability. In 2012 Everest Isles Swimwear was founded.

Everest Isles presented its first samples the following year after experimenting with new technical fabrics, such as recycled Kevlar, and finishing the swim trunks with Marine-grade, stainless steel hardware and yachting cordage designed for world-class sailing. As the brand continued to evolve, we incorporated bluesign® system textiles and ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon fiber to the line, bringing the company closer to its goal of producing environmentally conscious products. Additionally, Everest Isles has always manufactured in and around New York City in order to maintain a small ecological footprint.

Everest Isles

We’re not a sun-drenched archipelagos in the South Pacific discovered by Captain James Everest, as our brand name may suggest. We’re a swim and beachwear company based in New York City and we’re concerned about our planet, in particular our oceans. Climate change, caused by human activity, is a hot topic right now. The denial of climate change by the higher political echelons makes the battle against these phenomena even harder. But the warming of the planet and rising sea levels tell a different story. 

Everest Isles refers to the disastrous reality we’re facing if we don’t do anything about the mess we made for ourselves: the Earth’s surface covered in water, with only the peaks of the Himalayas emerging from the blue. By implementing sustainable practices into production, working with regenerated textiles and manufacturing products to last, we’re working hard to prevent our brand name from happening.


Made for Water

Our products are made for the water; purpose-built with an eye for detail. We feel a strong connection with water, essential for our survival. The ocean and its beaches, aside from being the obvious setting for swimwear, are also our greatest source of inspiration.

All Everest Isles products are characterized by sustainability, quality and durability. Each component is chosen for its ability to withstand years of exposure to salt water, chlorine, sun and sand. We source the finest textiles from Japan, France and Italy to deliver unparalleled performance.

Everest Isles swimwear is built to last, even in the most extreme conditions.